Thursday, September 4, 2014

First 72

The first thing we noticed in Texas is that the sky really is bigger.
By the luck of our timing and the perseverance of Sam behind the wheel, we were into Texas by the time the sun rose on Sunday morning. Huge farms with flat pastures and the greatest farm houses we had ever seen accompanied by the kind of cows you don't see in New York; that is what welcomed us into Texas.

Since we were a day early and exhausted, of course we spent the entire day on Sunday sleeping. However, we did rouse ourselves out of bed for some very good Mexican on Sunday afternoon.
Austin adventures began on Monday. Moving across the country is definitely challenging, so the plan was to eliminate all the things that drive transplants crazy when relocating. We had picked an apartment and just had to sign the lease. We had figured out where we'd get all the furniture we'd need for the first night. We knew how we were going to get all of that stuff back the the apartment.
As always, there are surprises that you really just can't plan for. Example: combining the transport of a 50 pound bag of oats that Sam didn't want to leave behind with over 200 miles of torrential rain meant there was oatmeal covering the bottom of the trailer and everything that was touching the floor. I'd like to say we took a picture, but we were so determined to get done with the day that we just dealt with it and moved on.
Upon emptying the trailer and sweeping/mopping it out (in about an hour, thank you very much), we realized that the AC in the apartment had stopped working. It's 100 degrees of muggy heat outside and warming up to that temperature in our house. To be honest, the first night I didn't even call it in to the office we were so exhausted. Unfortunately, we went another 2 days without AC and the apartment only has ceiling fans in the bedrooms. We also had no hot water (not that bad considering the heat). And of course, there was still oatmeal EVERYWHERE.

Since Tuesday was hot and all we did was assemble furniture, I'll move to yesterday. Wednesday we had our AC restored, hot water turned on, and internet established (wifi name: Sunshine)! Overall I think we are going to love it here. We've already seen some pretty cool people around, hopefully we'll meet some people once we get jobs. So far, so good!

Something I noticed: not sure if it's me or reality, but it seems like everyone here is very nice with their southern accents. I feel that my Western NY accent kind of makes me sound like I am yelling a people all the time, or at least speaking to them sternly. Once I make some friends, I'll ask if that's true.

That's all for now, hope all is well where you all are.

PS Pics next time!


  1. Glad that you made it to Austin. If I were you, I would never want to see oatmeal again. I can't even imagine. I hope that Susan's daughter, April contacts you . Message me your new address....Good luck with the job search. What job does Sam have?

  2. So happy you and Sam are doing so well. Keep on filling us in on your food ventures...get your own food blog going!! I love the pictures and the descriptions!! Yummmmmy!!